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Ninety Fly Edition

by ShonJulius
released on May, 12 2013
AR-017-CD, Vinyl-CD, limited to 20 copies
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1 Arsenio 0:25
2 Tell Me Why 1:36
3 Too Far 2:06
4 Gina 2:31
5 Play 2:08
6 However 3:22
7 All The Things 1:43
8 Felicia Brewer 2:35
9 Stay 4:06
10 You Should Know 2:08
11 The Rain 1:35

Cover & Production by ShonJulius

When I was a young cat, something the fellas did to get a girls attention was to record her a "R&B Dedication" Mix. It was around 92' 93' so I'd throw on a little Jodeci, Some Hi-Five, SWV, H-Town, Aaliyah (RIP),Janet Jackson etc.I'd record it on a casette, then I'd write some fly shit on it like, "After Dark Mix, for Moniques ears only". After that it was pretty much guaranteed she'd be all on your boy like "Teehee Shon J. that mix was sooo tight!!(Because we said "Tight" back then) Then I'd say "Thanks, you want to go to Rollertown Friday? or some lame shit like that. I miss those days ya'll so in dedication to that era…