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In Your Face Toy Vol.2

by Kryone X Harry Caine
released on Aug, 29 2013
AR-020-CD, Vinyl-CD, limited to 20 copies
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1 En Tu Cara 1:58
2 In The Lab 1:50
3 Tzintzuni 3:02
4 Weed & Bamboos 1:57
5 19's 2:38
6 Aight 2:12
7 BBQ Ribs 1:46
8 Chillin' 2:29
9 Hold On 1:46
10 Let's Do This 1:52

Tracks 1–5 produced by Harry Caine
Tracks 6–10 produced by Kryone

Cover by Harry Caine & Kryone

Kryone & Harry Caine are back with the second edition of "In Your Face Toy" A few years ago, these two beatmakers used to share beats on Soundcloud and they decided to keep a record of their evolution on beatmaking and have fun exploring different technics of production. This time the sampling is more versatile, from jazz, to soul and lo-fi touches.