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Lost In The World

by Harmful Logic
released on Sep, 10 2013
AR-022-CD, Vinyl-CD, limited to 20 copies
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1 Introduction 1:36
2 Sports 4:28
3 No One 3:50
4 Whispery Voice (with Mus.hiba feat Sekka Yufu) 2:45
5 Lost In The World 3:02
6 Time (with Kryone) 2:46
7 Wasted Hazy Summers 7:12
8 Romance 3:28
9 Get Down 1:30
10 Get Set 3:09
11 4 U 2:55
12 Feeling 2:45

Cover by filmout (JP)

Debut LP from 20 year old Irish producer Harmful Logic. Keeping the dark themes from his earlier releases, he adds some lush landscapes and high pitched vocals on some sub bass driven down tempo beats with vocal cuts from PS1 games and anime. On this release he works with some very talented artists and good friends like Kryone and mus.hiba. The album is trying to create a nostalgic feel.