Amajin Records
Front Cover

TBC Vol.1

by Amajin Records X Indelible Niche Collective
released on Dec, 26 2013
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A1 Intro
A2 Kamutao - We Are Rolling
A3 Saint James - How Guud
A4 Doc Heller - I Am
A5 Harry caine - Tsintztsuini
A6 Howie Wonder - Good Bye
A7 The Incredible Tall - Luciferase
A8 Shon J - Tell Me Why
A9 Dusty Fingerz - Gritz
A10 The Incredible Tall X Mr. Backside - Rugby
A11 Odysseus Button - Dusted
A12 Drumboy - Bully Edit
A13 Dusty Fingerz - #Tri-OddityReflex
A14 Harmful Logic - Whispery Voices (with Mus.hiba feat Sekka Yufu)
A15 Backvolv - Sidewaves
A16 The Essence - Outro
A17 Alejandrito ArgeƱal - Nuestro Agradecimiento
A18 Mr. Backside - Ein Schritt (Exclusive)
A19 Klang-Schwester - ReWinder (with Ullapul)
B1 bxxtz/munno/evolv - Sound Exchange; Sound Evolve
B2 evolv/Ullapul - 6am
B3 Rythum - Psilocybin
B4 Ackurate - Black Pen, Bright Ink
B5 Slim the Chemist - Cheeba
B6 Wild Luck - Heroes
B7 Boston Beatdown - Strawberries
B8 freevolv - Planetary Alignment
B9 Zoomo/Haz Solo - Made II Order
B10 Mellow Bloke - Don't Erase Me
B11 Shumba - Snitched Idyls
B12 A. Saxon - Nouns, Metaphors & Verbs
B13 Lackflow/evolv - Lesson 1
B14 evolv/Ackurate - Indistinct Memories

Side A selected n' mixed by Tall & Mr. Backside
Side B selected n' compiled by evolv

Split-Release looking back at the last year of Amajin Records & Indelible Niche Collective. 90 minutes mixtape containin AR Gems on Side A selected n' mixed by Tall n Mr. Backside n' some more Gems from INC on the B-Side selected by brother evolv.

We hope you enjoy this very special release curated by the label X collective U all in love wit...