Amajin Records
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by Ōkami
released on Mar, 12 2014
AR-034-CD, Vinyl-CD, limited to 20 copies
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1 Sacred 4:36
2 Melt 2:51
3 Gold 3:05
4 Ōverlord 2:54
5 Forever Forever 3:41
6 Native (CD Only) 2:48

Cover & Production by Ōkami

My name is Matt Jensen and I've been making music under the name Ōkami. for around the past 3 years and Ōverlord has been the most experimental and honest project I've undergone to date. This project has no underlining meaning, no objective and no hidden messages, it's just the way I felt in the month of November in the year 2013. I'd like to thank my friends, family and the people that have listened to my music that have supported me and I hope one day I'll be able to show you guys the big picture of who or what Ōkami is. I'd also like to thank Amajin Records and Tim personally for putting this together. It's incredible that we have connected from such a long distance with no background purely over a blog I asked to give my music a chance. It really shows this stuff is deeper than drums, samples and Dragon Ball Z, thanks Tim. Thanks to my Mum and Dad who have supported me and continue to support me in all ways possible. I'm so lucky to have such loving parents and without the both of you I wouldn't be the person I am today or even be making music. I promise one day all the time I've spent in my room on my computer will make sense to you. I hope you, the listener, enjoy these songs and I hope it inspires you like it has inspired me. I dedicate this EP to my brother, Mitchell, who has dreams just as big as mine and has music running through his veins. I'm so proud of you and the musician you are becoming. If anyone was going to change music it would be my brother because he has already changed mine. Thank you from Ōkami and Matt Jensen