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#Killah # Instrumentals

by DrumBoy
released on Mar, 8 2015
AR-046-CD, Vinyl-CD, kimited to 20 copies
1 Message To The Beatsmith 1:42
2 All Instruments 4:00
3 DER 3:10
4 High 3:23
5 HotSht 3:08
6 A Robbery 3:22
7 Werewolf XX 3:26
8 Da Capo 1:32
9 Purple Caesar 4:35
10 Who Am I 3:20
11 Still No.1 3:27
12 Witchcraft 4:12
13 Chabo Riddim 3:13
14 Dedicated To Grime 1:42
15 BrotherSweetTalkParanoia 2:46
16 Der Traurige Thug 1:34
17 Graffiti 2:51
18 Prayer For The Weak 2:56
19 60's Roachclip 0:50
20 Those Signatures 3:50
21 A Millionaire 3:59

Cover & Production by DrumBoy

When I met DrumBoy in 2008 via Myspace we had a real good chemistry and worked quickly on a bunch of Tracks I would consider as underground classics today. He produced the majority of tracks for the first Part of my "Rest in Pieces" Series in 2009 and for my first album "...they call him the Incredible" back in 2012. He was always representing on nearly every AR Beat Compilation we did till today. It speaks for itself it took so long to do an album cause he often produced tracks for others and never seemed to be really interested in being in the spotlight. If You asked Me Years ago, I never would thought I'm in the Position one day to release his Debut Album. Nothing left to say than: "Brother I salute You, n hope You continue putting out bombs like these!" -*The Incredible Tall*