Amajin Records
Front Cover


by hLX
released on Nov, 19 2015
AR-055-CC, limited to 25 copies
AR-055-LP, limited to 25 copies
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1 For The Rain 2:52
2 Drag 1:59
3 Intimacy 2:26
4 Interlude 1:07
5 Francis 2:47
6 Stranger State Of Grace 2:06
7 Ground Level Irritations 1:23
8 A Bad Trip South 1:53
9 God In My Reflection 1:58
10 Good Night & Good Luck 2:01

Artwork & Production by hLX

„‹…›every pore, of every inch concrete was exhaling corruption, yet in the reverberation of the very breath laid a hidden hint to salvation‹…›“

In the midst of distant jazz, neon illuminated isolation and egocentric prophets, egonismus centers around an unnamed drifter caught between holding onto an alienated reality, or completely drifting off into the promises an alternate universe, baring itself beneath the nightime streets, seems to offer.

„‹…›the very ground level of our nature here was irritation; irritation we absorbed transformed and ultimately emanated‹…›"

„‹…›just for a second it was god i caught gazing into a window filled with beautiful nonsense ‹…› me being nothing but a pagan interface merging, splitting and throwing back all this graffiti sprayed across the very absolute wall ‹…›