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Möblierte Melancholie

by AK420 & Goersch
released on Mar, 6 2016
AR-060-CC, limited to 50 copies
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A1 Martinville (Intro) 0:52
A2 Matsukaze 4:23
A3 Harry 4:19
A4 Nachts Im Wald (Skit) 0:33
A5 The Seed 3:01
A6 Corazon De Perro 3:40
A7 Low Ridin Ado (feat Ado) 3:15
A8 Nahetal Dub (Outro) 0:51
B1 Welcome To The Journey 3:38
B2 Clouds 3:22
B3 Samenpfänder 3:00
B4 Enter The Darkness 1:49
B5 The Herbs 3:24
B6 Blue Beetle 2:22
B7 Under Water 2:29

Side A produced by Goersch
Side B produced by AK420
Mix, Master and Artwork by AK420 & Goersch