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Rua Augusta

by Ak420
released on Jan, 29 2017
AR-077-CC, limited to 50 copies
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A1 Past 3:57
A2 Different Perspective 2:36
A3 One Two 3:24
A4 Faze 2:36
A5 1st Down - Front Street (Remix) 3:19
B1 Midnight Chill 3:41
B2 Good to See You (Bonus Track) 3:12
B3 INI - Fakin' Jax feat. Pete Rock (Remix) (Bonus Track) 4:16
B4 Secret (Bonus Track) 3:07
B5 Isolation (Hidden Track) 1:29

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by AK420
Artwork by Redbeard's Escapaded (front) & AK420 (back)