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Morbus Murphy

by Odysseus Button
released on Apr, 30 2017
AR-081-CC, limited to 30 copies
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A1 Shallow Skies 3:05
A2 Lullaby 1:03
A3 Off My Cloud 1:59
A4 Curveball 1:46
A5 Saw You There 1:51
B1 Verted 0:25
B2 Oporto 1:17
B3 Laces 1:07
B4 Luv Trane 0:58
B5 Bubble Gum 1:39
B6 Kreuzer Bugs 1:21
B7 Troutman 0:57
B8 Mary Starr Drive 2:07

Art & Music by Morbus Murphy (formerly known as Odysseus Button)

Morbus Murphy deals with images describing impressions of an environment and its force to determine the spectrum of sounds appealing to one's mind, matching an atmosphere the way it's percepted.