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Optimistic (Revisited)

by Shon J
released on Apr, 15 2018
AR-092-CC, limited to 30 copies
A1 Somewhere Alone (Introduction To Optimism) 1:12
A2 Finding Inspiration (Feelings Of Misery) 2:02
A3 Cerebral Stimulation (Brainstorm) 2:05
A4 Benefits Of Being Generous (Ice Cold) 1:33
A5 Yearning For Affection (Love) 1:52
A6 Herbal Relaxation (A Smoke Break) 2:25
A7 Advanced Meditation Techniques (Inhale Wisdom) 2:54
A8 Unconventional Hobbies (Grafitti) 2:41
B1 The Power Of His Mind (Making It Snow) 2:40
B2 Maximized Energy (Into The Night) 2:17
B3 Being One With Nature (Lamb Of God) 1:35
B4 Extended Sessions (Another Smoke Break) 1:33
B5 Condensending People (Revealed Jealousy) 2:45
B6 An Unexpected Rush Of Adrenaline (Elephants) 2:49
B7 Dealing With A Loss (You Got It Your Way) 2:00

Artwork & Music by Shon J

Designed to Inspire and Motivate through Audio Stimulation
-- Shon J