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Emergence Day

by Trag Devious
released on Jun, 3 2018
AR-094-CC, limited to 20 copies
A1 Bone Masks (feat The Incredible Tall) 1:55
A2 Emergence Day 1:54
A3 What It Is 1:37
A4 Catalyst (feat Big Mill) 2:22
A5 DOLLA$ 2:00
B1 Bone Masks (Instr.) (Cassette Only) 1:55
B2 Emergence Day (Instr.) (Cassette Only) 1:54
B3 What It Is (Instr.) (Cassette Only) 1:37
B4 Catalyst (Instr.) (Cassette Only) 2:22
B5 DOLLA$ (Instr.) (Cassette Only) 2:00

Lyrics by Trag Devious
Additional Lyrics by Big Mill & The Incredible Tall
Mixing, Music & Production by Mr. Backside
Artwork by Ether Pan