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Bringing Up The Rear

by lksdrhstlr
released on Jun, 17 2018
AR-095-CC, limited to 30 copies
A1 Schubfach 1:42
A2 Oh My My My 1:39
A3 The Regular Ways 1:57
A4 Whoaa 1:53
A5 From Now On 2:16
A6 Vibes Of Spring 1:27
A7 Make Munne 2:04
A8 Look Back 1:59
B1 Kanu 1:53
B2 Yesterday 1:48
B3 One4t 0:46
B4 Blunt After Blunt 2:09
B5 Cheese All Day 1:38
B6 We Keep It Tight 0:46
B7 San Francisco 1:26
B8 Walk Talk 1:35
B9 Hangin' 1:04
B10 OCB 1:36

Music & Production by lksdrhstlr
Pictures by Bad Boy Bernd
Artwork by Ether Pan