Amajin Records
Front Cover

Bad Herrenalb

by Goersch
released on Oct, 21 2018
AR-097-LP, limited to 100 copies
A1 App.156 3:19
A2 Gaistal 3:34
A3 Mayenberg 3:50
B1 Kurpark 3:07
B2 Adrion (feat AK420) 3:21
B3 Talwiese 3:32
B4 Predigerweg 2:14

Artwork, Mastering, Mixing & Production by Goersch

The Black Forest, one of Germany's most popular vacation spots, best known for cuckoo clocks, idyllic sceneries and cake. In this case though, it served as a source of inspiration for heavy drums, thick bass and a vibe that takes you straight to a little rural town called Bad Herrenalb. Having spent a lot of time in the forest as a kid with knapsacks full of Golden-Era-tapes, I felt it was time to come up with a little hommage. So put on your headphones and follow me deep into the woods.