Amajin Records
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by Morbus Murphy
released on Dec, 9 2018
AR-099-CC, limited to 30 copies
A1 Soulslides Pt. II 1:52
A2 Polemics 2:01
A3 Yesterdays 1:53
A4 In China 2:08
A5 Bubba Frost 1:53
B1 Soulslides 2:01
B2 Liebe wie Suplex 2:06
B3 Bout I kno 2:00
B4 Some Time 1:58
B5 Motion Blur 1:51

Art, Music & Photography by Morbus Murphy

Confronted with a lack of recorded composition, Polemics states renunciation on such kind of approach as every beat is organized noise, quoting it´s composer in favor of context.
-Morbus Murphy