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Nuttin But Flava

by Rapsport Beats
released on May, 12 2019
AR-104-CC, limited to 50 copies
A1 Nuttin But Flava 2:51
A2 Life Is So Beautiful 1:06
A3 Walk On By 1:41
A4 Friendly Ghosts 3:02
A5 Hermosa Luna 3:36
A6 Skit 1:24
A7 Levitate 0:23
A8 12 - 25 1:16
A9 Happy Ending 3:01
B1 Music Is Sex (feat MC Mikke & Young Nacho) 1:29
B2 I Need Your Love 1:42
B3 Indie Kush 3:10
B4 Love To Chill 2:41
B5 Sunshine In The Park 1:32
B6 Soulful 0:24
B7 Expressions Of Happiness 0:51
B8 Love Song 0:42
B9 Good Vibes 0:21
B10 Thanks To You 1:12

Music & Production by Rapsport Beats
Artwork by Marshall Artz
Cuts A1 by Dj Kopschuss
Bass B1 by MC Mikke
Keys B1 by Young Nacho