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Galaxy Dreams

by Mr. Backsidee
released on Mar, 8 2020
AR-109-CC, limited to 30 copies
A1 Intro 0:13
A2 Let Me Tell 2:23
A3 Spice 1:49
A4 El Capitan 2:12
A5 Lala City 2:55
A6 Drivin' 2:06
A7 Acid Nightmare 1:52
A8 Ebola 2:14
A9 Hear You Callin' 1:39
A10 You And It 2:18
B1 Within 2:15
B2 Haze 1:44
B3 Pernorama 1:58
B4 C'est La Vie 2:09
B5 Walls 2:10
B6 Strawberry 2:21
B7 Power Of Feeling 2:00
B8 China Dolls 1:35
B9 Aira 1:34
B10 Stars 2:02

Artwork & Music by Mr. Backside

Still inspired by obscure Movies on VHS back in the Days, Mr. Backside s 12th Solo Album is more of an imaginary Soundtrack to a Movie that doesn't exist, with a clear Focus on Beats.