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Fazer Feliz

by lksdrhstlr
released on Jul, 5 2020
AR-110-CC, limited to 20 copies
A1 Intro 0:23
A2 Kickback 1:18
A3 Bruno 2:27
A4 Puffin a Blunt 0:51
A5 On Love 2:26
A6 Bitter Crush 1:28
A7 Gefährliche Burschen 0:23
A8 Days With You 1:33
A9 Hands Down 0:55
A10 Fazer Feliz 1:36
A11 So Much 1:22
B1 Lights 1:46
B2 Method 1:34
B3 With the Bro 1:02
B4 Dirty Jazz Loop 1:46
B5 Transcend 1:41
B6 Decca 2:02
B7 Capone 0:39
B8 Nuthin'But Hiss 1:38
B9 Clouds 1:13
B10 Loungin 1:17

Artwork & Music by lksdrhstlr
Picture by Bad Boy Bernd

lksdrhstlr 's 5th Album "Fazer Feliz" invites the Listener to a Journey out of these messy Times into a World of laid back Drums, smoothly blended with jazz, leavin' You with this warm cozy feeling.